Millhouse is a design studio that offers strategic design solutions that embrace divergent thinking and skills to transform the way people engage with brands, products and spaces.

Millhouse creates cohesive brand experiences across multiple touch points and channels.  These touch points can be any way your customers interact with your brand, from person-to-person, physical spaces, online or any other form of brand communication. Through research, design and implementation across a broad range of disciplines we are able to uniquely tailor multi-channel brand solutions that are guided by a singular overarching strategy.

Millhouse was established in 2010. Since the beginning we have focused on asking the right questions and in the process gaining insights that inform original, far reaching creative strategies, helping our customers to establish their brand mission and crafting original and effective creative solutions.

We have developed a design conceptual framework that informs our process:
Insight:  Understanding customers and end users, gaining insights and defining problems. Creativity: Challenging assumptions, ideation, innovation, collaboration Craftsmanship: Design, prototyping, testing and implementation.

Millhouse was founded in the spirit of collaboration. Every project is different and where required, we build teams to fit the specific needs with a trusted network of specialists, from printers and fabricators to draughtsmen, illustrators, copywriters and developers. This ensures fidelity with the overall strategy and vision.

clients include