Millhouse and The Great Pause of 2020

July 27, 2020

Creative companies everywhere are having to adapt to ever-changing Covid-19 challenges, Millhouse did just that.

Millhouse adjusted and from the get-go conducted business using amazing digital tools such as Zoom, Skype, Teams, FaceTime. In a short space of time these digital tools have become almost the exclusive means of communicating with colleagues, customers, family and friends. This change is universal and presents challenges and opportunities for businesses everywhere.

Millhouse has helped customers adapt by creating strategies using e-commerce solutions, social media channels and their websites to navigate through this crisis.

With frequent changes to the lockdown rules, adapting as quickly as possible has meant the difference between survival and closing their doors. This has been particularly evident with my restaurant clients who have been subject to extreme trading challenges during this crisis.

Not only has operations, product and service offerings had to flexible but brand messaging has needed to change as a result of Covid19. Rather than focussing just on sales, brands have needed to adjust to the changed buying behaviour, spending priorities, attitudes towards media channels as well as needed to reflect sincere empathy and understanding for the challenges their customers face.

The time has come, in light of the impact this virus has and will continue to have, to explore how we do business and how we communicate about it. We are already seeing radical changes in business outcomes, future prospects and market trends in our immediate business environment so what part can designers and brand custodians play? As natural problem solvers our role is to help communicate with unwavering clarity and empathy, helping companies to keep their staff safe and informed, their customers and suppliers motivated and providing light relief while helping to make sense of a confusing world.

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