Why you need more BAM!

December 13, 2021

A brand asset management (BAM) platform is designed to address all the headaches of maintaining coherent digital assets for your brand. Fundamentally, Brand asset management software offers a source of truth for all your brand materials. Within this most important role, the BAM also ensures that all brand assets are stored securely, easily retrievable, and managed to avoid duplication and confusion.

Assets are defined and managed with the help of searchable data, for example tags like ‘SVG’ and ‘header’, or ‘Social’ and ‘bio’, along with standard metadata such as creation and upload dates. Coupled with powerful and easy to use search features, this means that those who need assets, can quickly retrieve the exact assets they’re looking for. More importantly, they’ll get the right version, too.

Modern cloud-based solutions offer an even greater solution, easily managing the sharing and distribution of assets between multiple contributors, editors, and Social Partners. With a cloud-hosted repository, it’s simple to provide secure access to regional teams or to home working colleagues, ensuring that everyone in the business has the assets they need.

BAM platforms with distribution features can readily extend this access outside the business. For example, with a fully featured cloud-based BAM, you might create a branded resource portal, useful for providing journalists with Press related assets, or any interested party with the brand content they need.


Calvin Smit

Digital Strategist

Calvin has 10 years of experience in IT with a solid background in digital marketing, system integration and web development. He has built brand strategies, marketing campaigns and implemented successful SEO campaigns using Wordpress, Webflow, HTML, CSS and Linux Kernel.

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